Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Stand by your fellow woman

The July 9, 2009 Boston Globe had "The cheat sheet" in the "g" section with a list of the latest men in public positions who had had affairs. Having survived a similar experience led me to a feeling of dismay that women do not have more honor and respect for one another. It seems many even lure men into an affair with no regard for the man's marriage and the harm it will do to his wife or children or his position in life. That is sad. I wish women had more values, and that if they work with or encounter a man they find attractive, they would respect and honor his marriage or commitment even if he doesn't. Do you really want someone who would hurt the very people he has made vows and commitments to? What kind of man is that?

Rather, be the one who says to the man, "You are not free and if you have no morals, I do and will not participate in this." To stand by other women and have honor and decency - is this possible?

(Note:  This was a letter I had written to the Boston Globe and it was published in 2009.)

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