Tuesday, November 10, 2015


This is a special day set aside to honor and remember Veterans. Sure could have fooled me!  Sales, specials, you name it - all trying to profit from this special day.  Capitalism has found yet another way to make money, allegedly honoring Veterans.  Hopefully some of the events and honors will help out Veterans but so much seems to be hype as a cover for sales.

I'm a Veteran but have a hard time seeing myself as one because I never served during any war. Is a Veteran in peacetime still a Veteran? 

When the Air Force found out I could type, they made me a clerk typist!  Wow - isn't that something! I actually managed to answer the aptitude testing such that it showed I'd have been great for some training or skill - but nope - I could type and they needed typists at the time. The needs of the service come first! When my 3 years was just a couple months shy of the full 36 months, they had an overage of typists so I was released early.  Guess they wanted to save money or something.

So I've never felt like a Veteran - yeah, I wore the uniform and went thru basic training and marched a time or two - marched in D.C. for President Eisenhower's 2nd inauguration - stood at parade rest so long my feet went numb when we were finally ordered to march.

I've had the privilege of meeting and getting to know some Veterans who did serve during various wars and military actions - some are my neighbors where I live now. I also have a very long-term friend on the opposite coast of the US who has gone missing lately so I don't know if he is still living. He served in Vietnam.  Tim and I shared letters during his time in Vietnam and the following poem came from this time:

Christmas in Vietnam

On a hill -
There is a sign saying

"Peace on Earth"

It stands out
In the dark;
While from the chapel
Comes beautiful
Christmas music -

At the same time,
Guns are firing,
Bombs exploding,
And aircraft
Roaring down the runway.

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