Tuesday, November 1, 2011

October Snow 2011

Here’s my little Japanese maple tree the morning after the storm!

Unlike the storm which brought forth the poem “October Snow” the October snow of 2011 was not so poetic. The weight of the snow was so heavy and with leaves still in the trees, it brought down branches all over the state resulting in power failures, some lasting 4-5 days after the storm. The power crews cleared the major power lines but so many streets and even yards had power lines down making it necessary to go street by street and sometimes house by house to restore the power.

New England has really had a year of record-breaking and unprecedented severe weather – tornado, hurricane, rains, and now this storm.

It is always amazing how so often the day after such a storm, the sky can be blue, the clouds fluffy white – unaware of the damage it caused the day before!

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