Tuesday, September 27, 2011


There’s a lesson in here somewhere – my washer/dryer (stacked unit) is over 17 years old and beginning to leak and the timer doesn’t work right. I’ve known for maybe a year or more I am going to have to do something but I keep managing somehow to keep it functioning enough to keep up with my laundry. Maybe I could just have it repaired for several hundred dollars but how long will it hold up before something else goes and I want it to last at least 10 more years!! I want a new one but the space in my home where this goes is limited – it’s a 24 x 27” unit and the back door through which the old would be removed and the new brought in is only 27” – not much room for maneuvering. Also I am really uncomfortable having to have workpersons in my home (usually male). But I want a new one. So I go to the store I have chosen and they don’t have to sell me – I know what I want. They have it! They can even deliver it in 3 days!! Yikes!! I’ve got to clear the area out and be ready in only 3 days!

Delivery day comes. The 2 person crew shows up bright and early at 8:30 AM – I am ready. I show them the situation. “They” are 2 young men probably my grandsons’ ages. They are polite, quiet and get to work and in 45 minutes the old is out, the new in and fully installed and they leave.

Order is restored, little to show for over a year of worrying it, chewing on it, pondering it, fearing it. It’s all so easy after it’s done.

Wouldn’t you think this could rub off on future situations? That the anguish and uncertainty I put myself through is unnecessary, not needed? Maybe this time it might take? Maybe?

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