Sunday, January 16, 2011

Winter Wonderland

The nor’easter of January 12, 2011! This was how it looked by noon after the first shoveling. I think we got close to another foot of snow before it ended with a lot of drifting from the wind. It brings to my mind the many snow thoughts and images from other storms –

There’s that beginning of the snow – the Taste of Winter –

The sky goddess
Sifts frozen crystals
Frosting the world beneath;

I dance with delight
In this confection,
Catching some on my tongue
Now and then.

Driving in the storm we have a different view:

Flakes of snow
Run before the wind
Changing my view
To cartoon dots of winter white
In my head lights.

On ponds we see:

Swirling flakes of snow
Spun by a winter wind
Into holographic sculptures
On a frozen pond,
Like some Star Trek person
Transporting into being.

And the newly created wonderland when it ends:

Soft new snow resting on branches
Collected in nooks and crannies
Like cotton puffs,
With breaks in continuity
Where little birds had landed
Coming and going to the feeders -
And then
The brilliant red of a cardinal
Perched in the bush next to the feeders -
Making this a living Christmas card
In my back yard.

Along with newly designed trees and bushes:

Pussywillow world,
branches tipped with cotton snow,
puffs of winter breath.

And soon the birds of winter with a new dance:

The snow storm shuffle,
With a kind of hop-shuffle step
Created by a sparrow in a snowstorm
Trying to uncover sunflower seed hearts
Hidden by the snow -

And kids come out to play:

Rosy-cheeked muffins
Toddling about,
Red, orange, yellow,
Purple, blue, green
Winter sprouts.

While new flowers grow:

Gloves and mittens sprout
From stairs, in halls, on sidewalks,
Winter hand flowers.

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