Friday, November 5, 2010

Post November 2010 Election Thoughts

I wrote the following poem a couple of years ago when our economy tanked. My hope then was that we would find ways to recover from this and especially help each other along the way. The mid-term elections have just been held and there has been quite a shift in the power struggles of politics and it is hard to tell at this point how it will all work out or not work out. I wanted to have some sort of marker at the start – so in the next couple years there is a time when the powerful and politicians could have made a positive difference, thus this entry in my blog.

After the election results were known, it was kind of hard to hear President Obama’s speech about working together for the all – and to hear Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, say Republicans' number one priority should be making Obama a one-term president. Uh, scuse me? What have we done???

Economic Tsunami of 2008

The beach was calm,
Lovely –
Dolphins leaping out of the water,
Seabirds circling in the sky,
The sand warm –
We had it all – idyllic

Without warning
The water began to leave the beach
Going farther and farther out
Creatures fled the area,
Then out in the sea
A wall of water
Obliterating all of the view
Came rushing towards us.

Some frantically tried
To find cover,
But it swept in over all –
There was no escape –

After –
Do we try to rebuild?
Can we make structures impervious
To possible tsunamis?
Or do we evolve to a new model,
With less to be lost
Should another arise –
One in which we help each other
And with less greed –

It's still 2008 –
The extent of the devastation unknown,
And the recovery not yet begun.


Back when the full push for this election got underway and the media blitz of ads and phone calls began, I wrote the following:


Kind of a game
played by people
elected to govern/lead us,
Who tend to abuse
their positions and power
for their own good.

Poly means many,
Ticks suck blood
and spread disease
to those on whom they feed.

These are times of polyticks,
With many sick, homeless
and hungry,
On whom those in power
fed well!

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